Thursday, September 14, 2006

Reality, really

If you want a reality check, you can't go wrong with the plain, honest truth from Slushkiller. Teresa and Patrick Nielsen Hayden tell it like it is(and much better than Dr. Phil) every single day at Making Light.

Slushkiller breaks down the slush pile and divides it into every imaginable "No thanks!" And what's more, it's correct.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Thin Red Lion is open for business

So you want to write a book, huh? Well, it's not as easy as King and Roberts make it look. Spelling, grammar, and correct punctuation are only the beginning. You also need an idea, and you better make it a good one because competition is tough on the editor's desk.

Fortunately, the Thin Red Lion is here to help. I'll slice and dice your words, slash your already-done-to-death ideas, and twirl on my head while eating donuts.

If you handle hearing the truth about your work, send in up to a thousand words(no cheating, I'll count) of your work to, give me permission to post it here, and I'll tell you what the Thin Red Lion really thinks. You'll get a ruthlessly honest critique.

Don't worry, what doesn't kill you only makes you a stronger writer.